Otago Cherry Picking Jobs

Job : Suncrest Orchard, Cromwell, New Zealand – Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking starting mid December

Picking – This is the harvesting of the fruit to the required standard and is physical work. The employee must be able to lift, manoeuvre and climb to the top of a 9 foot ladder. The employee must be capable of working long hours and able to work in the outdoors, ie. in the heat. Most pickers are paid on a contract rate e.g. for cherries the minimum bucket rate (5kg) is $4-75. The average picker will pick 25-30 of these buckets in an 8 hour day but this depends very much upon the individual – some pick more, some pick less. You are required to pick a minimum number of buckets which is 24. There is occasionally hourly rated picking but this is limited and the pay rate is $14-50 per hour including holiday pay.

Packing – This is the sorting of fruit into different grade standards. The job involves standing at a sorting table and the employee must be fit and have a good concentration span. The employee must be able to work long hours and it can be 7 days a week. There is limited contract packing but most of the work is hourly rated – $14-50 per hour including holiday pay.

Some points to consider:
Work is determined by the weather. If it is raining fruit can’t be harvested because it may be damaged. If it rains for a couple of days in a row during the cherry harvest, then the fruit may split and become un-viable for harvesting. This doesn’t happen often but it can happen. The cherry picking and packing starts in mid to late December and continues through until early/mid February weather permitting. This is our peak season and prior to and after this period we require fewer staff.
We require our staff to be available when the fruit is ready to pick and pack not when it suits them to turn up. We are very busy from mid December till late January.

We have accommodation available on the orchard in single sex bunkrooms. Each bunk room sleeps 16 and has it’s own kitchen, laundry and TV. Because everybody is working hard and requires a decent sleep the following rules apply to those who stay in our accommodation block. If you break these rules you will be asked to leave the accommodation block.

No alcohol is to be consumed on the premises. There are plenty of pubs that have courtesy coaches that would be pleased to accept your business should you wish to drink.
You must be 18 years of age or older.
No loud music or excessive noise after 10 o’clock. We have neighbours who value peace and quiet.
Only employees of Suncrest Orchard are entitled to stay on the premises.
You are personally responsible for any damage.
You are required to clean up after yourself.
The accommodation was built nine years ago and has worked very well.

The cost of the accommodation is $8-00 per night or $50-00 per week and at this price it is very popular. It is filled on a first come first served basis. If you arrange to start work part way through the season then we cannot guarantee you a bed.

If you wish to work for us you must have some form of transport as we are 5 km from Cromwell. Even if you live onsite you still need to get into town for groceries etc. A bike is fine but it is too far to walk in the heat.

Pay is weekly and is paid by direct credit so you require a bank account. Also you need an IRD number and if you are from overseas, a work permit.

If you would like to apply for a position at Suncrest Orchard then please complete our online application form on the website www.mrsjonesorchard.co.nz

Location: Australasia
Duration: Jan Feb Dec
Job Type: Fruit Picking
Website: http://www.mrsjonesorchard.co.nz