Corboy Fresh Fruit Picking

Job: Corboy Fresh Fruit, Victoria, Australia – Fruit Picking
Corboy Fresh Fruit’s harvest season peaks at mid-late January when approximately 150-200 extra fruit pickers will be needed. Crops to be harvested are Peaches, Pears, Nectarines, Plums and Apples.

Fruit picking is hard work and it can be extremely hot in the paddock. Appropriate clothing should be worn e.g. long sleeve cotton shirt, light weight slacks,trousers,shorts and a wide soft brimmed hat must be worn. Solid work boots with ankle support is also recommended as the ground may be uneven. Sunscreen must be worn.

Fruit is picked, according to instructions, using a ladder to climb to the fruit and a picking bag is worn strapped to the shoulders, fruit is placed in the bag then carefully emptied into the fruit bin supplied. Fruit is picked either to colour, size or strip picked (taking all fruit on the tree).

Payment is made per bin of fruit picked.

All employees are trained in the correct methods in which to pick fruit. An experienced person will conduct a training session prior to you commencing your employment or on the day you start. It is important to listen carefully and carry out instructions.

You will find that there are tricks to the trade e.g. where to carry and place your ladder to obtain most benefit, how to wear your picking bag correctly etc., when you become familiar with the skill of fruit picking, the benefits will become apparent with a good quality fruit and a higher bin tally for you, resulting in more money in your pocket at the end of the week, with less effort.

You will be supervised by an experienced picker called a ganger. Any problems must be reported to this person.

There are different requirements needed to pick each variety of fruit. All fruit needs care when being picked to reduce bruising and other damage.
Each casual fruit picker will be issued with an Information Booklet which states in further detail what is expected.

Corboy Fresh Fruit Pty Ltd is a family owned business comprising fruit growing, packing and export & domestic sales, established in1980 by Mr John Corboy and his wife Kerry. Since that time, together with their sons they have built one of Australia’s larger horticultural operations including 860 acres of orchard and a large packing/cool-storage facility.

The present operation encompasses approximately 400,000 fruit trees, producing 52 different varieties of fruit and employs between 50 and 300 people dependent on the time of year.

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Job Type: Fruit Picking