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PickingJobs.com is the best place to find farm jobs and seasonal work!

Laura in the Chard CropAre you searching for a seasonal job? Looking for a cool winter job? Planning a gap year? Dreaming of backpacking around the world?

As our name suggests, fruit picking jobs feature strongly here, from grape-picking in France, strawberry picking in the UK to picking up on the harvest trail in Australia, there is always fruit to be picked somewhere. You will also find other seasonal jobs on farms around the world.

Check out our farm, winery and growers lists throughout the world for free. When you see a job that interests you, email the employer direct giving some details about yourself and the dates you are available.

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Picking strawberries in Scotland

Do you employ seasonal staff? Fed up using agencies? PickingJobs is an international service here to help you find seasonal employees wherever you are in the world.

Four thousand people all over the world eagerly check out these pages every week searching for jobs. Favorite searches are for seasonal farm work, fruit picking jobs and harvest jobs. Go to the Employers Page to find out how easy it is to recruit motivated workers by putting your own advertisement in front of this highly targeted group. Prepare to be amazed at the response! For just the price of a small advertisement in your local newspaper you will soon find all the workers you need.

Travel abroad, work outdoors, earn money and make new friends with PickingJobs.

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How to Advertise: If you need to recruit seasonal workers or are looking for students, this is the place to find them! Around 4,500 people visit the site each week and it is growing all the time.

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