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Working in Sweden

  • The offices of the Consulate General of Sweden typically handle work visa requests. Eligibility requirements for Swedish work visa permits differ by country of origin. Full EU citizens do not need a work permit or visa to gain employment in Sweden. All non-EU individuals seeking employment in Sweden must obtain a work permit. Sweden operates within the Schengen Agreement. Workers from countries participating in the Schengen Agreement may enter and travel freely throughout Sweden with only a passport.

    Sweden also offers working holiday visas. Participating countries in the Swedish Working Holiday Visa program include Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Eligibility requirements for a Working Holiday Visa consist of holding a valid passport and a valid health insurance policy. Sweden also stipulates only workers 18 to 30 years of age may apply for working holiday visas. Additional requirements include the ability to prove financially stability for up to three months during the holiday.

    Workers seeking employment in Sweden should prepare to show documented proof for all eligibility requirements. The Consulate General of Sweden strictly enforces all requirements and mandates all workers must adhere to visa and work permit stipulations at all times. Applicants must present proper documentation, such as a birth certificates or marriage licenses, to obtain work privileges. Approval of a work permit or working holiday visa does not guarantee employment in Sweden.

    Sweden provides electronic applications for working visas and residence permits. Applications for work permits generally incur fees for processing. Fees for working visas and residence permits vary by type and length of stay. Applicants must pay by credit card or request a paying-in form. Individuals applying for visas lasting longer than three months must also apply for residency permits. Japanese internationals stand exempt from fees. The Consulate General of Sweden issues no refunds for application fees.

    Applicants wishing to extend stays in Sweden may apply for citizenship. Individuals from Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Finland may apply for notification. All other internationals must use the standard application process for citizenship. The Swedish Migrationsverket provides the requirements necessary for naturalization. Once approved, newly appointed Swedish citizens assume and reserve all rights and responsibilities of full citizens of Sweden. The Swedish government may deny applicants for citizenship at any time.

    Contact the offices of the Consulate General of Sweden to find more information on obtaining a work permit or holiday working visa to Sweden. A link to the Swedish Immigration Service provides a more detailed example.