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Working in Spain

  • A working holiday visa may prove difficult to acquire for Spain, but a visa applicant should not get discouraged easily. Spain operates working holiday schemes with a few countries, including Canada and New Zealand, and the country maintains a rather high unemployment rate. Often, Spain grants a working holiday visa only if the employer cannot fill the job with a Spanish employee or if the work proves undesirable to Spanish citizens.

    Most work visas to Spain require applicants to line up a job interview prior to consideration. Out-of-country workers must often provide several forms of identification and complete applications properly to earn consideration for entry into Spain. Often, workers meeting all requirements may not receive admittance due to an employer in Spain not meeting the requirements for Spanish citizen employment; however, Spain operates as part of the Schengen Agreement and allows citizens from other European countries under the agreement to work within Spain.

    Spain typically limits working holiday applicants to between the ages of 18 and 30. Applicants must prove financial stability prior to approval for a working holiday visa to Spain. Limited spaces open for this program typically fill quickly each year. Application approval may take several months, and the Spanish government reserves the right to turn away any foreign worker. Spain requires foreign workers to apply through local Spanish Consulate offices for work holiday visas.

    Internationals from several countries do not need a visa when visiting for less than 90 days. In many cases, internationals must only possess a passport to enter and work in Spain. Exempt countries include Brazil, Canada, Chile, Japan, Honduras, Mexico, the United States, Israel, and Australia. Individuals from the European Union, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland do not require visas for any length of stay.

    Spain offers various requirements to applicants seeking permanent residence in the country. British nationals may apply for nationality after living 10 continuous years of stable residence in Spain. Spouses of British nationals may apply for nationality after 1 year of continuous stable residence. Internationals who apply for Spanish nationality must renounce current citizenship to other countries. Newly appointed Spanish citizens reserve and assume all rights and responsibilities of full citizens of Spain. The Spanish government may reject or deny applications for naturalization at any time.

    Contact the local Spanish Consulate office to discover more information on a working holiday visa for Spain. The Consulado General de EspaƱa en Londres, or the Spanish Consulate General in London, link is provided as an example.