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Working in Norway

  • Internationals seeking employment in Norway must go through the offices of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. Citizens of any EFTA or EEA country may live and work in Norway without a work permit or visa. All other non-EU nationals must apply for a working holiday visa in order to obtain employment. Norway operates under the Schengen Agreement. Individuals with a Schengen visa may travel freely throughout the 15-country Schengen zone.

    Only work permits requisitioned by an employer grants an individual the right to live and work in Norway. Two types of permits exist for Norwegian job seekers: 12-month work permits and seasonal work permits. 12-month permits allow skilled workers to live and hold a job for up to a year. A seasonal work permit allows a worker three months of residency and employment. Nationals from certain countries may live and work in Norway without a visa for up to three months.

    The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration acts as the governing body overseeing the issuance of work permits and working holiday visas to Norway. Applicants must comply with eligibility requirements to obtain a working holiday visa to Norway. Specific requirements include: individuals 18 to 30 years of age, a valid passport, a return travel ticket to the country of origin or the means to purchase a return ticket, and good mental, physical, and criminal backgrounds. Working holiday visas to Norway allow for only citizens of New Zealand and Australia to apply. Other stipulations and requirements may also apply. Norway reserves the right to deny work privileges at any time.

    Visa applicants seeking work in Norway must typically obtain permanent residence, as well. Individuals with permanent residence privileges may live and work in Norway freely. The country of Norway requires applicants to meet certain criteria in order to apply for permanent residence. Eligibility requirements include continuously living in Norway for extended periods of time and possessing no prior criminal history. Norway immigration provides a list of additional requirements online.

    Individuals seeking citizenship may apply for naturalization. Nordic applicants at least 12 years of age and living in the country for at least two years may apply for citizenship. Internationals from other areas of the world must meet additional requirements, including meeting the prerequisites for a settlement permit. Applicants may not claim citizenship to any other country while Norwegian citizens. Upon completing the naturalization process, newly appointed citizens reserve all rights and responsibilities of full Norwegian citizens.

    The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration website provides a more in-depth look at eligibility requirements and general information about obtaining a visa or work permit. Follow the link to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration website for more information.

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    22 Comments on “Working in Norway

    1. Hello,

      We’re from Lithuania. Me and my daughter would really like to work on the farm during the summer holidays (July or August). I’m 40 and my daughter is 20 years old. We aren’t affraid to work, our health is perfect and we dont have any bad habits. We are communicative, friendly and we take our task responsibly. We speak English, French and Russian languages. We want to work and earn money.

      We’ll be waiting for a response.

      Yours faithfully,

    2. Hello,

      I would like to ask you for more information about a summer job in 2012. We are students from the Czech republic and we would like to travel abroad to work there. We are available starting in the middle of June till the end of August.

      Thank you for your answer.

      With regards,

      Kristýna and Richard

    3. I am Portuguese and I am looking for work!

      I am searching for a job like seasonal fruit and vegetable picking in Norway!


      Contact me!

    4. Hi.
      We(my friend and I) are Polish and we are looking for job in Norway. We can start work in April and work until September. Contact me plz!

    5. Good morning,

      I would like to get more informations about the job opportunities and I want to apply for one.
      I have experience!

      Thank you so much,


    6. I am a Gabonese student studying medicine in Ukraine. I am looking for a job during the picking season for May to August in order to finance my studies in medicine because my family’s not very rich and to improve my English at the same time. Please contact me. Thank you.

    7. Hallo.
      I am really interested in seasonal work in Norway.
      I can start work from 25 of June and continue as soon as possible.
      I have work experience. I am honest and compulsory.

      I would be thankful for the positive treatment of my candidacy, so please contact with me.


    8. Hi, my name is Sebastian of Polish origin. Currently working in Norway in the greenhouses of flowers, worked in England on fruit farms. I am responsible and honest. I can work hard. I am interested in working in Norway. I do not have any addictions. Need a good employee? Speak to me! If you need to send your CV in English, I can do that.

    9. Good morning,
      I am a student from Lithuania.
      I am searching for a job like seasonal fruit and vegetable picking in Norway! I would really like to apply for one.
      And I would really like to get more information about summer work for 2012.
      Looking forward to hearing from you,

    10. I am a traveller from Australia with a European passport looking for harvest work all year round. I’m 21 years old and very hard working.
      I would especially like to work in Norway/Sweden.
      I am in England at the moment and can start work anytime

      Hope to hear from you soon

      • Hei!
        Would you like people to work at our farm from ca. 1 May to 15 June? We live in Norway 1 1/2 hour drive from Oslo. If you are interested, we could talk more.

        May Ingela Hope

    11. I am writing to inquire about summer job opportunities. My friend and I are third year students at University in Lithuania and are looking for a seasonal job in Norway during summer break.
      Thank you in advance.

    12. Hello,

      I am student from Czech Republic and I am looking for brigade-work anywhere in Norway. Is here some opportunity to fly to Norway in time of holiday July 1. till the middle of August and work here?

      Thank You for answer, best regards,

      Jan, Czech Republic

    13. Hi, I’m Alaou Alkadr from Morocco. I’m 28 years old. I would like to apply as a fruit and vegetable picker in Norway because I love this country so much. I hope to hear from you soon.

    14. Hello!

      I look forward seasonal work Farm on Norway for this next summer 2012 “May-Juin- July- August”. I have had visited Norway one time but I wish an opportunity to live deep Norway community. My Father has been work on a commercial Norway Ship very year’s long ego. I am from Gran Canarias Island and I live on Scotland where my English have a Scottish’s accent. I am 51 years old I am in good healthing and I had had not bad practice.

      I look forward hearing from yours in the near future

      Best wisher

      Jose From scotland

    15. Hello,

      I am a Canadian university student who is coming to Norway for three months this summer and I am going to be living with my girlfriend in Oslo. I am looking for employment for those three months. I am going to be arriving in the middle of May and Leaving in august. I have worked many labour jobs in canada and I am a very hardworking individual. I can email my full resume and more formal cover letter. I hope to hear from you soon

      best regards


    16. Hello!

      My name is Feri. I am searching for a job like seasonal fruit and vegetable picking or farm work. I decided that I would like to learn norway. I hope somebody can help my to find a job.
      Thank you for your answer.

    17. Hi!

      My name is Anna. I am 19 and I’m from Poland. I am looking for summer job in Norway. I could start in the middle of july and work until late september. I am responsible and hard-working person. I have got a bit of experience with working on farm.

      Hope to hear from yyou soon.


    18. Hello!
      My name is Fabio. I am 19 and I am from Italy. I am looking for a picking job in Norway; I could start from the beginning of July until the end of August. I am not afraid of working hard. I have had other experiences in picking jobs here in Italy (grapes, tomatoes, etc.)
      Hope to hear from you soon,


    19. Hi. How are you? My name is URI and I’m spanish. I’ve been watching your website and I’d like to know if you offer any job positions on your farm. I quit my job here in Spain and I’ll spend the next year travelling around and work in Norway could be a good oportunity to know more about the country and the culture.
      Kind regards,

    20. Hi! My name is Teresa, I’m from Portugal and I am 18. I really like to work in Norway, on your farm. My health is perfect, I’m friendly and ready to work!
      Is here some opportunity to fly to Norway in time of holiday July 1th till the middle of August and work here?

      I hope to year from you soon,


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