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  • A Working Holiday visa allows travelers to earn wages during a stay in Japan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan offices oversee the issuance of Working Holiday visas. The Japan work visa process varies according to country of origin. For example, U.S. travelers must apply through different channels than EU working visa applicants. Only temporary work may occur while on a Working Holiday visa trip to Japan. Japan does not accept Working Holiday visa applicants with a criminal record.

    Travelers to Japan must hold a current passport from the country of origin, and the passport may not expire during the intended stay in Japan. Working Holiday visa applicants must also hold citizenship in the country of origin. Work visa applicants must maintain sufficient funds for living expenses to earn approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Japanese immigration officials will verify the funds of work visa applicants traveling to Japan. Working Holiday visa applicants to Japan must not intend to stay in Japan permanently. If an applicant needs to leave and re-enter Japan for any reason, the individual must file for a re-entry permit.

    Most Working Holiday visa permits to Japan allow applicants aged 18 to 30 to access the country. Some countries of origin permit applicants between 18 and 35 years old. Japan permits applicants meeting strict criteria and expects each applicant to provide proper application forms, finance information, and resume information prior to acceptance. Further documentation or authorization may be necessary to enter Japan on a Working Holiday visa.

    Most working visa permits assess service charges. Applicants must pay work visa fees at the time of issuance. Fees vary by single-entry, double-entry, and multiple-entry visa type. Individuals must pay in the currency of the country in which the visa permit process originates. All fees remain subject to change.

    Japan provides several types of visas to applicants seeking employment or residency in the country. Working visas allow individuals in a variety of career fields to apply for jobs and work in Japan. Internationals may also apply for general visas, diplomatic visas, specified visas, and official visas. Naturalization also allows internationals to live and work in Japan freely. Newly appointed Japanese citizens reserve all rights and responsibilities of full citizens of Japan.

    Find more information about the Working Holiday Visa program at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website.

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