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Working in France

  • The offices of the Consul Général de France, or Consulate General of France, oversee working holiday visas. Available work visas programs vary according to country of origin. France operates work visa schemes with members of the Schengen Agreement in Europe as well as countries, like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Working holiday visas allow visitors to France to supplement a vacation with temporary work. Many Schengen Agreement countries require no visa but only a valid passport.

    Working travelers to France must hold a valid passport from the country of origin, and the passport cannot expire during the period a worker intends to remain in France. Workers must maintain funds to cover expenses during the stay as well as a return ticket out of France. The Consul Général de France offices will verify the existence of these funds prior to granting a working holiday visa.

    Any stay in France exceeding 90 days requires a long stay visa. France offers international job seekers multiple options for long stay visas, including working holiday visas, au pair visas, and student part-time work visas. Assistantship visas also provide France job seekers access to the country for employment purposes.

    France typically allows working holiday visa applicants between the ages of 18 and 30. Visit a local office of the Consul Général de France to check availability and start the application process. Schengen Agreement countries should contact local governments to discover the rules around Schengen Agreement travel. France may require several forms of identification as well as proper application forms before granting a working holiday visa to an applicant. The government of France reserves the right to refuse entry to any applicant.

    Applicants wishing to claim permanent residence in France must file the necessary paperwork with the Préfecture de Police. France requires applicants for permanent residence to prove stable residence in the country for at least five years, possess no criminal record, and regularly pay taxes. Applicants may also marry a French citizen or receive a degree from a French college and spend at least two years in the country in order to claim permanent residence. Upon completing the naturalization process, newly appointed French citizens reserve all rights and responsibilities of full citizens.

    Contact the local offices of the Consul Général de France to discover further information on the working visa application process for France. A link to the French Consulate in Washington D.C. is provided as an example.