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Grape Picking Jobs in France

  • France Grape Picking Jobs – Harvest and Seasonal Work at Vineyards in France

    Grape production serves as a major agricultural output in France. The harvest season for grape crops in France typically begins in September and may last until October. During the harvest season, diligent workers are needed in farms across France to perform seasonal picking jobs in grape fields. Approximately 100,000 grape picking jobs need staffed during the grape harvest season in France each year. Many French farms offer reasonable pay and work benefits. Some French farms provide meals and lodging for grape pickers, as well. Find the best place for a grape picker job in France with this list of vineyards across the country.

    Applicants may find entry-level picking jobs or professional farming careers at vineyards throughout France. Small farms across the country need to hire entry-level workers to perform grape picking jobs. Some large farms in France use automated picking systems in the fields and may require professional farm workers to assist in the harvesting and post-production process. Diligent and dependable workers are wanted for positions across the France agricultural industry. Both full-time and seasonal work exists across France. Anyone interested in a landing a job on a French grape farm should contact a farm in France today.

    Armagnac Cames
    Clos de Moutouguet, 32240 Monguilhem
    05 62 09 64 09
    Harvest Time: September – October
    Main Crops: Grapes
    Cante Perdrix
    242 La Morandière, 37220 Panzoult
    02 47 58 53 01
    Harvest Time: September – October
    Main Crops: Grapes
    Cave de Tain-L’Hermitage
    22 Route de Larnage, 26600 Tain-l’Hermitage
    04 75 08 20 87
    Harvest Time: September – October
    Main Crops: Grapes
    2 Lestage, 33570 Montagne
    05 56 50 42 80
    Harvest Time: September – October
    Main Crops: Grapes
    Château Mouton Rothschild
    33250 Pauillac
    05 56 73 18 18
    Harvest Time: September – October
    Main Crops: Grapes
    Château Peyrabon
    147 Peyrabon, 33250 Saint-Sauveur
    05 56 59 57 10
    Harvest Time: September – October
    Main Crops: Grapes
    Domaine Klipfel
    6 Avenue de la Gare, 67140 Barr
    03 88 58 59 00
    Harvest Time: September – October
    Main Crops: Grapes

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    24 Comments on “Grape Picking Jobs in France

    1. Hello,
      My name is Esmir. I’m 26 years old and I’m from Macedonia. I am searching for a sesonal job in France like : ( fruits and vegetables) picking. I also have a previous experience in fruit picking (apples) in Italy-Trento. I hope of an positive answer. Thanks.

      Sincerely : Esmir

    2. 21yr old Irish man looking for seasonal work in France. All opportunities considered.

    3. I am a soon-to-be-18 year old girl from England looking for work in france. I can speak french at an intermediate level (A Level in french and lots of real french experience.) I would enjoy summer work and am very happy to work hard in outdoor conditions. Desperate to get away from my hometown and I adore france. Very good worker and lots of fun too!

    4. Hi, I’m 18 and from Scotland, looking for any seasonal work in France. Am free for any time of the year, I could fly out tomorrow if you’d have me!

    5. Hey myself and a few friends are looking for grape picking in Paris for a week or so please get back to me ASAP thanks

    6. Hello,
      My name is Tatiana, I’m a 22 year old student from Serbia looking for grape picking jobs in France.I speak french well, love France and would love to spend some quality time there, working, practicing my french and getting to know people. Hope, you get back to me.Thanks.
      Best regards!

    7. Hi!

      Me and my friend are trying to find some picking jobs in France for this summer (we prefer july and/or august). We are both 19, students from Estonia. We are active, shiny and open minded people and we are studying some french as well.
      Best wishes!

    8. Hello,
      My name is Carlos and Im a 21 year old student.
      Im from Costa Rica and Im looking for any available job.
      I speak French, English, and Spanish.
      Hope I receive an answer.
      Thank You

    9. I would like some information on whether you will be hiring fruit picking staff for summer 2012.

      Best wishes


    10. Hello, English couple called Warren and Katie looking for farm work throughout france from june onwards. We have done this many times before in other countries.

      let us know! merci beacoup!

    11. Hello! My name is Darya. I and my friend are looking for a job for the summer holidays (august and september). We are students of the European Humanities university (Lithuania). Our nationality is belaruse. We are not afraid to work, our health is perfect and we don’t have bad habits. We are sociable, friendly and we take our jobs responsibly. We сan speak English, Bеlorussian and Russian languages​​, and can speak a little French. We want to work and earn money. What kind of work can you offer us? We are waiting for a response.

    12. Hello! My name is Malena. I’m a 29 year old student and I’m looking for a job for the summer holidays from Barcelona, and i’m looking for grape picking jobs in France. I speak French well, I adore France and would be very happy if I get the oportunity to spend time there, working and practising my French. Also to meet new people.
      I’ll wait for your answer.

      Thank you,


    13. Hey! Im a 22 year old Australian looking for short or long term harvesting jobs in Europe over the summer this year (between July and October ’12). I am a hard worker with a good work ethic and used to working 7 days a week. Long days and early mornings aren’t a problem for me! I can speak English and a little bit of German, am very socialable and very reliable.
      Please contact me if you have any work that may be suitable for me. I look forward to hearing from you!
      Thank you and Regards,

    14. Hello!
      My name is Agata and I’m 25 years old Pole living, studying and working in Denmark. I would love to fulfill my dream of harvesting grapes in France.
      Last summer I was working in Denmark as green peas picker (3 months in a tent :D) so I know what hard work means and I’m not scared of it.
      I speak English, some French and Danish. I would like to improve my French and spent some time in the magnifique France.

      Je serai reconnaissant pour toute réponse

    15. Greetings:):) I am a 25 year old londoner in search of picking jobs! i will be arriving in may and ready to get my hands dirty straight away:) i love the outdoors and really hoping for an opportunity in this beautiful country
      I have had some experience last year working on an organic farm picking berries and really enjoyed it:)

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      Kind regards


      • Hey Agata:)

        Any joy with the picking jobs?? i hope you do not mind sending you this message, but you seem pretty cool and sounds like you have some experience. I just wanted to ask you about where you worked in Denmark last year when you were picking peas? sounds cool living in a tent for 3 months:):)i am doing the camino walk from the border of france to santiago de compostella in Spain in september but heading out to france in may in search of some picking jobs!
        well I would really appreciate if you could share any usefull information you may have? and i wish you all the luck in the world to find your picking job in France:)

        Kind regards

    16. Hey guys, my name is Ashleigh-Jane and I am currently looking for a vacancy in France from the end of June to July or August, preferably in Grape Picking although I have no experience I am a quick learner and would absolutely love such an opportunity! I am currently studying a course on cabin crew preparation and then in August this year I will pursue a course in Travel and Tourism with Languages. I absolutely adore France and would love to learn so much more about the culture and language of France:)

    17. Hey I’m Bronte and am looking for part-time fruit picking work during the summer. I can speak a small amount of French and am eager to learn more. I am proactive and a great-lover of the outdoors and am keen to experience new things, such as fruit picking and what it has to offer.

      Kind Regards


    18. Hello! We are two 21 year old girls from Sweden who are interested in the French culture and would like to develop our knowledge within the French language.
      We would therefore love to work on a farm picking grapes this fall.
      We can both speak some French and are very well trained, so the hard work would not be a problem.
      We’re positive and hard working persons that easy adapt to new environments and cultures.

      Please contact us for further information,

      Best regards,
      Magdalena and Sara

    19. Hello,
      I’m nathaniel and I’m 18 years old, looking for a job picking in france. I can work very long hours (much experience with handweeding, picking, etc.)

      I hope for a good answer, thanks,

    20. Hello.

      My name is Stevan and I am 22 years old male from Serbia. I am looking forward to find a grape/raspberry/strawberry picking job this summer in France. I’ve got experience in picking those, but I am also open for any other opportunity when it comes to job also!

      Hope to read an answer from you soon.

      Regards, Stevan.

    21. Hello,
      I am 23 years old and I am looking for a fruit or vegetable picking job in France. I am looking to work in August and/or September. I live in Belgium, I have a medium level of French.
      Kind Regards,

    22. Hello,
      I am looking for a job picking fruit or vegetables in late July and August, I could also do other work as well, such as administration or cooking, if it is needed. I am an 18 year old Australian girl who has been learning French for 5 years and I have lived with a French host family for a few months, so I am a fairly competent speaker.
      Thanks a lot,

    23. Hello,
      My name is Araceli Ruiz i’m 26 years old and i’m from Spain. I would love to work in a sesonal job in France like : (grapes, peaches, abricot, etc.) picking in the harvesting. Two summers ago i was working in England picking raspberries, apples, cherries and pears during 6 months. So I know how hard this work could be. I am tough enough. I speak English, moyen français and Spanish. I would like to improve my french, to meet another people, and the french culture.Thanks.

      Por l’attendance de ses nouvelles.
      Thank you very much
      Hugs, Araceli

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