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Working in Finland

  • The offices of the Consulate General of Finland and the Embassy of Sweden, which represents Finland in visa matters, issue work visa permits to Finland. Work visa programs for Finland vary by country of origin. Finland operates exchange programs with numerous countries under the Schengen Agreement. Finland work permits let visiting workers from foreign countries procure work in Finland. A common type of Finnish work visa utilizes a youth mobility program allowing young workers to visit and learn to appreciate life in Finland.

    The Consulate General of Finland may assess fees for certain services. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, money order, and certified check. Personal checks and credit cards do not constitute acceptable forms of payment when dealing with the Consulate General of Finland. Fees stand subject to change. Applicants wishing to have residence permit cards sent by mail must bring payment at the time of application.

    Working travelers to Finland must hold a valid passport from the country of origin, and the passport may not expire during the intended stay in Finland. Workers must maintain funds to cover expenses during the stay as well as a return ticket out of Finland. The Consulate General of Finland offices will verify these funds prior to issuing a work visa to Finland.

    Many Finland work visa permits allow applicants aged 18 to 30 to access the country. Finnish visa programs typically fill quickly and reach a set yearly quota early. Finland offers work visa programs with limited approval for older workers. Besides a passport, additional documentation or authorization may represent one of the hurdles to obtaining a work visa for Finland. Countries operating as part of the Schengen Agreement, such as Finland, France, Italy, and many other European nations, allow workers to pass between borders easily with government approval.

    Permit extension forms exist for applicants wishing to extend stays in Finland. Finnish police generally make final determination of permit extensions. Valid reasons for extending visas or residence permits include adoption, schooling, employment, self-employment, international protection, and other reasons as outlined by the Finnish government. Applicants may also apply for permanent residence through the naturalization process. Newly appointed Finnish citizens retain and reserve all rights and responsibilities of full citizens.

    Contact the local offices of the Consulate General of Finland to discover further information on the work visa application process for Finland. A link to the visa page of the Finnish Consulate and Embassy website in the U.S. is provided as an example.