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Working in Denmark

  • The Official Portal for Foreigners and Integration oversees the issuance of work permits and working holiday visas in Denmark. In order to work in Denmark, all non-EU nationals must apply for a residence permit and a work permit. Work permits and residence permits typically require applicants to hold special or unique trade skills to become eligible. Full EU citizens may live and work in Denmark without any special permit or visa.

    The country of Denmark operates in accordance with the Schengen Agreement. Denmark also offers a working holiday visa program to citizens of Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, and New Zealand. Denmark offers up to a three-month stay without a visa to citizens of certain countries.

    In order to obtain a working holiday visa or work permit to Denmark, applicants must meet all eligibility requirements. Denmark prefers workers in good health between the ages of 18 and 30. Applicants must also prove financial stability prior to their stay. Denmark does not extend working holiday visas lasting one year. Individuals may only work for six months throughout any working holiday visa of one-year duration. Applicants must present proper documentation for eligibility. Denmark reserves the right to deny any applicant.

    Denmark also offers young people the opportunity to take part in an Au Pair program. In the Au Pair program, an individual 17 to 29 years of age lives with a host family while employed. The program serves as a way for visiting workers to completely indulge in the Danish culture. Applicants must meet all restrictions and guidelines to become eligible for the program. The Official Portal for Foreigners and Integration lists all restrictions and guidelines online.

    Foreign nationals holding temporary residence permits for at least four years may apply for permanent residence in Denmark. In order to qualify for permanent residence, applicants must meet all criteria. The Denmark naturalization process involves a point system based on certain qualifications. The Official Portal for Foreigners and Integration provides a detailed account of qualifications necessary for permanent residence. Applicants who fail to obtain 100 points may not receive full citizenship. Newly appointed citizens of Denmark reserve all rights and responsibilities of a full Danish citizen.

    Contact the Official Portal for Foreigners and Integration to learn more about eligibility requirements and accessibility regarding work permits and working holiday visas to Denmark. Follow the link provided for the Official Portal for Foreigners and Integration to find more detailed examples.