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Working in Canada

  • The offices of International Experience Canada oversee work visa permits to Canada. Work visa programs change according to country of origin. Canada operates exchange programs with several countries, such as Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the U.K. IEC work permits typically approve visiting workers from foreign countries to experience work in Canada while on holiday. The most common type of Canada work visa utilizes a youth mobility arrangement program with other countries.

    Travelers to Canada must hold a current passport from the country of origin, and the passport may not expire during the intended stay in Canada. Work visa applicants must hold sufficient funds to survive if work cannot be found as well as funds for a return trip. Canadian immigration officials will verify the funds of all work visa applicants attempting passage to Canada. The primary reason for a working holiday visa must be vacation and not work.

    Most Canadian working holiday visa permits allow applicants aged 18 to 35 to access the country; however, some countries of origin limit applicant ages to between 18 and 30 years of age. Canada operates specialty programs with limited numbers for workers over 35. Further documentation or authorization may be necessary to gain admittance to Canada.

    While many jobs in Canada require workers to hold a working visa or special permit, Canada makes special allowances for certain professions. Athletes, coaches, performing artists, foreign representatives, news reporters, film and media crews, emergency service providers, public speakers, students working on campus, judges, referees, and other officials, clergy, and several other professions do not require a work permit to temporarily hold employment in Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides a detailed list of professions exempt from work permits.

    International Experience Canada represents the governing body overseeing issuance of temporary work visas and special permits to youths. Work permits issued by International Experience Canada last for up to one year. Applicants seeking permanent residence must apply for naturalization through Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

    If applicants want to continue to live in Canada upon completing the duration of a work visa, workers must apply for permanent residence. In order to claim permanent residence in Canada, the applicant must possess fluent communication abilities in either English or French, understand Canadian law, and have lived within Canadian borders for a minimum of three years. Children accompanying parents applying for Canadian citizenship do not need to meet the minimum standards of residence. Canadian naturalization also requires applicants to possess a clean criminal record in accordance with the Canadian Citizenship Act. Upon completing the naturalization process, newly appointed Canadian citizens assume and reserve all rights and responsibilities of full citizens of Canada.

    To learn more about a working holiday in Canada, visit the International Experience Canada website.

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    28 Comments on “Working in Canada

    1. i’m an indian man..from malaysia..i’m looking for a fruit picking job in canada.

    2. Hi, I’m Alaou Alkadr from Morocco. I’m 28 years old. I would like to apply as a fruit and vegetable picker in Canada because I love this country so much. I hope to hear from you soon.

    3. Hi … I’m from Indonesia. I would like to apply as fruit picking worker in Canada. I’m honest, pro-active, hard working, discipline. I always Dream to work and live in Canada. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your kind attentions.

    4. Dear Sir or Madam
      my name is Michela and I’m 35 years old. I have chosen to apply for this type of work because I am a person who really enjoys being outside and close to nature. I would like to challenge myself working in a new country, and expand my linguistic and cultural experience. I am a reliable and easy to get along with person who enjoys learning new skills. Thank you for your consideration.

    5. Dear Sir/Maam
      I’m John, 28 years old from Philippines and im looking for a fruit picking jobs. im hard working, pro active. i want to live and work in canada as a fruit picker
      thank you

    6. I am (39) years old; I am married with 2 promising children.
      I have worked on various small farms here in Jamaica assisting with the plowing, reaping and planting of crops and have done a little farming for myself as well. I very much enjoy especially the community spirit during the harvest (or season); meeting new people and working in close teams to carefully prepare the product for its eventual sale.
      I have experience in (mango, apple, plum etc.) picking, already know the basics but am a fast learner and always ready for a new challenge. I am also a person who can multi task and is not afraid of hard work as I am a very reliable and dedicated person.

    7. Hi, I am from Fiji , I am very hard working farmer and is looking for fruit picking job anywhere in the world .


    8. Good afternoon,

      I am a Portuguese girl aged 26 and seeking work in agriculture
      (picking fruit or vegetables).

      I find myself completely available.

      Thank you.

    9. I’m Wilmer from the Philippines and I’m looking for a job as a fruit and vegetable picker in Canada.

    10. I am Teboho from South Africa aged 30. And I’m looking for a seasonal job in Canada (packing job-fruit, vegetables)

    11. I am Fery from Indonesia, Male 38 years old, and I am looking for a job as a Fruit Picker in Canada. Although I don’t have any experience in this field, I am a fast learner, and I will try to do my best.
      I have a wife and two children.
      I have working experience as Bookkeeper, but since my salary is not enough to provide for my family I decided to retire and look for a job out of Indonesia to get better salary.I would be very thankful if someone want to hire me as an employee in your company.

    12. Good afternoon,

      I am a Moroccan girl aged 21 and seeking work in agriculture
      (picking fruit or vegetables).

      I find myself completely available.

      Thank you.

    13. Hi I am an Indian. I want work as fruit picking and packing work in Canada.
      I am a very hard working person, can work 16 to 18 hours with full confidence, but I will be the fresher in this field.
      I will very thankful if your company helps me.

    14. We are young married couple from Ukraine. We are looking for a job in Canada. We both have pedagogical higher education. I can do household work, barbecue. My wife can take care about children, meet quests and do cooking. I can speak Ukrainian, Russian,Polish a little English. My wife speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English and a little German. We can send you more details about us.

      Sincerely, Taras and Zoriana .

    15. Dear Sir / Madam,
      My name is Barry. I am 46yrs old. I am from Trinidad,a single male no kids. I would like to find a job as a fruit or vegetable picker in Canada. I have 10yrs working experience on Cruise Ships. I am a hard working an very reliable person. Available anytime . Awaiting your reply. Thank you for your consideration.
      Ps. Is there an agency in Trinidad to submit an application?

    16. Hi, good day! I am Mary Ann from Philippines, 37 years old. I am able and willing to work as fruit picker or any vacant position available for me. I had a little experienced in fruit picking(mangoes, pomelo, soursop) in my friend’s farm, it was not a paying job but just a friendly help and I enjoyed it. Because of that I want to experience more with other different fruits that I will surely enjoy especially the berries. I hope you will give me a chance to experience working with you. I am hard working person and dedicated to my job. Thank you and more power to your company! God bless!

    17. HI! I am young and dynamic student who for many years have been going abroad to work during summer time. I worked in Norway at the construction site, and France in a vineyard. I have experience in painting and paperhanging, I also worked in local shop in Poland I treat my obligations very seriously. So far my employers have been very pleased with my work. I am open to new challenges, new various kind of work, and to work in any places of the world. During a year I study in Poland. I am able to communicate very well in English and I also know Russian. I am willing to take up any work offered by your company. I hope for a fruitful cooperation. I am able to work from June. Sincerely Jan

    18. I am an 18 year old man from st.lucia seeking an opportunity to work on a Canadian farm to help put my life back on track. I am 6’4″ tall,very intelligent and hard working and I am looking for an opportunity to impress you on your farm. I look forward to hearing from you and I am available to commerce employment at any time

    19. Hello! I’m a music teacher, with no job in the summer. I’m really interested in a fruit picking job in Canada. I’m a hard worker and very reliable person. Available from 15 of June till the end of July. Thank you!

    20. Hello!
      Im a 21 year old girl from Germany and I’m interested in a fruit picking job in Canada. From 15 of July till the 16th of August. Thank you for your consideration.

    21. Hi I’m Christian from Philippines 22 years old. I want to apply for a suitable job in Canada or Australia. I hope to hear response from you. Thanks in advance.

    22. I’m Liezel,33 years old from Philippines and I’m looking for a fruit picking job. I’m hard working person and dedicated to my job.I want to live and work in Canada as a fruit picker.
      Thank you

    23. soy Orestes Said de 22 años y estudio ing. agronomica me interesa trabajar en granjas de produccion de frutas. tengo conocimientos basicos sobre agricultura. gracias.

    24. Hi, am a University Student from Trinidad, right now its hard to secure a job in my country. Am a single mom and will like the opportunity to work hard and make money to provide for my son.

      I have an Agriculture background, my grand parents used to run a small farm in the country side with animals.

      Am a team player and a quick learner and a dedicated person.

      Thanks in advance.

    25. Hi. I’m a Cambodian guy looking for the fruit picking jobs in Canada I am hard working and honest.

      Hope to hear soon.
      Thank you.

    26. Greetings from Philippines!
      I am interested and very much excited working in Canada. I have experienced dealing, talking and doing business with Canadian for 5straight years and almost there. They’re polite, yet professional. Sweet loving person, yet detailed. They appreciate very much small deeds/words given/said to them. No discrimination, they have so much respect with each other.
      Indeed, i am looking forward to work in Canada and stay in Canada with my family.
      I need to work in Canada because i love working in Canada.

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