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Abbotsford Blueberry Picking

  • Job : Greywal Farm, Abbotsford, BC, Canada – Blueberry & Vegetable Picking

    Blueberry Pickers needed from June till end Sept.

    Vegetable Pickers needed from Sept Nov.

    Number required: 325 people for each seasonal crop as noted above.

    Wages: will be paid by piece work rates, set by Labour Standards

    • strawberries .324 cents per lb
    • blueberries .362 cents per lb
    • brussel sprouts .149 per lb

    Duties: Responsible for working with the rest of the harvesting team picking quality strawberries, blueberries and vegetables (brocolli and brussel sprouts).

    Farm Details: This blueberry farm consists of 65 acres of strawberries, 60 acres of blueberries and 45 acres of vegetables.

    Will Provide TRANSPORTATION: Please call to make arrangements.

    Contact: Phone Kirk or Surjit 604-504-3836 and leave a message stating the reason for your call, your name and phone number

    Location: North America

    Duration: June July Aug Sept Oct Nov

    Job Type: Fruit Picking Agriculture

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