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    The favorable conditions found in Belgium allow for intense agricultural cultivation. Approximately 30% of the region partakes in some form of agricultural production. Coupled with moderate temperatures, evenly distributed precipitation, and a lengthy growing season, the sovereign state in Western Europe produces a bounty large enough to receive the title of a net food exporter. While the output of crops continues to increase by roughly 10% each year, the number of small family farms remains on a downward spiral of close to 80% in the last three decades. Large agribusinesses dominate the farming industry with new technologies and scientific crop research. Only two percent of the population participates in an agriculture-related occupation. Nevertheless, around 1.4 million hectares of land support the economy with fruit, vegetable, livestock, and timber production.

    Rural landscapes, with fertile and well-watered soil, permit the growth of a variety of crops and livestock in Belgium. Cereals, potatoes, sugar beets, industrial crops, fresh vegetables and fruits, flowers and ornamental plants, and fodder roots flourish on a little less than 43,000 farmsteads among the nearly 866,000 hectares of arable land. Livestock, such as cattle, pigs, chickens, and lambs also feature on the countryside of provinces. The animal population ranges from around 12 million pigs and 3.4 million cattle to roughly 155,000 sheep and 43,000 horses.

    The dairy industry plays a significant role in revenue for farmers as well by producing a little less than 3.2 million tons of milk and 175,000 tons of butter. Importation of fish and timber products far exceed exportation numbers; however, the industries still hold merit by delivering about $193 million worth of fish and $991 million of softwood and plywood to countries like the United States.

    Sharing borders with France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Germany, Belgium consists of 30,528 square kilometers of land and water. Sandy dunes and polders reside along the coastal plains. A smooth, slowly rising landscape lies further inland, and thickly forested hills with rocky caves occupy the terrain, as well. The maritime temperate climate grants the country a significant amount of precipitation in every season. Low temperatures tumble in January to three degrees Celsius, while summers peak in July often hitting 18 degrees Celsius. Southern portions of the country, specifically in the Kempen, maintain poor quality soil with landscape comprised of conifer woods, ponds, heathlands, marshes, and corn fields. Extensive fields and pastures reside throughout central Belgium due to the fertile loam. And in upper regions of the land, rich clay soil often used for grazing and cattle rearing allowing for growing agricultural operations in both private and commercial livestock raising.

    Despite a dwindling number of true farmers in the European country, fruit and crop picking allows members of the community an opportunity to partake in seasonal and year-round employment. Payment depends greatly on the quantity of picked produce, the length of time, and the quality of goods. The Young Farmers Club International Farm Experience Programme places volunteers in three- to 12-month agricultural-related projects. Migrant workers likely find jobs by traveling from place to place and requesting the attention of farm owners. Prepared with detailed resumes, the ideal candidate demonstrates passion for the farming industry along with previous experience and a superior set of related skills. On average, salary packages begin at €1,400 a month for individuals over the age of 21. Select employment benefits may also grant eligible workers with health insurance, retirement schemes, and holidays.

    Farms & Orchards in Belgium

    *The information below is simply a list of farms or growers in Belgium. It does not necessarily mean that they are hiring workers at the moment. You should contact them to inquire about employment and available job opportunities.

    Trommelstraat 24, 2223 Schriek
    Harvest Time: Year Round
    Main Crops: Assorted Fruits and Vegetables

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    Back of House & Service Support Knokke
    Hermès Benelux - Knokke
    Job Description:  You are also in support for other service tasks, such as wrapping items or serving refreshments. You are the link between the stock and the sales teams, picking…read more.
    Hermès Benelux  30+ dagen geleden

    Polyvalent medewerker Productie
    St Luc Labels& Packaging - Nazareth
    Job Description:  Je doet aan picking van producten. St-Luc Labels & Packaging is al meer dan 30 jaar specialist in verpakkingsdrukwerk, voornamelijk voor voedingsbedrijven.read more.
    St Luc Labels& Packaging  7 dagen geleden

    CE drivers
    Van Dievel - Mechelen
    Job Description:  Picking up, transporting and delivering products or goods. Organising or checking the loading of goods in the vehicle. Recording follow-up and activity data.read more.
    Van Dievel  5 maanden geleden

    Rogue Fitness Europe - Antwerpen
    Job Description:  Ability to operate a manual / powered pallet jack or lift product. Ability to climb picking ladders and reach to a height of 8 feet from the ladder.read more.
    Rogue Fitness Europe  8 maanden geleden

    Job Description:  Je werkt graag door en bent nieuwsgierig hoeveel pickings je op een dag hebt verzet. In deze functie ben je verantwoordelijk voor het picken van de juiste…read more.
    SMC LOGISTICS SERVICE EUROPE NV  5 maanden geleden

    Préparateur de commandes Lot
    Colruyt Group - Lot
    Job Description:  Grâce à un système de voice picking ou un scanner digital, vous savez exactement quels produits rassembler. Colruyt Group dispose d’un centre de distribution à…read more.
    Colruyt Group  30+ dagen geleden

    JOB ETUDIANT - Préparatrice/ Préparateur de commandes
    Start People - Ghlin
    Job Description:  Travailler avec un casque à commande vocale (picking). En tant qu'étudiant préparateur de commandes (h/f), tu effectues diverses tâches dans le respect des…read more.
    Start People  30+ dagen geleden

    Tailormade Logistics - Gent
    Job Description:  You understand instructions, whether or not via a loading schedule. You put together orders, package goods or repackage goods and apply the correct shipping…read more.
    Tailormade Logistics  23 dagen geleden

    Magasinier / Préparateur de Commandes(h/f)
    Job Description:  Une première expérience en préparation de commandes/picking est un plus. Avec un chiffre d'affaires de 300 millions d'euros, 4 établissements et 250…read more.

    Magasinier Centres de distribution Colruyt Group
    Colruyt Group - Londerzeel
    Job Description:  Afin de servir nos clients Collect&Go, RPCG, Solucious et Colex, nous disposons de centres de distribution dans les environs de Londerzeel (Londerzeel, Malines,…read more.
    Colruyt Group  4 maanden geleden

    Opérateur.rice logistique (weekend)
    EFarmz - Anderlecht
    Job Description:  Bons de préparation, picking et emballage, rangement du poste de travail. Titre du poste : opérateur.rice logistique (weekend). Vous êtes fiable et ponctuel.le.read more.
    eFarmz  8 dagen geleden

    Magasinier Colruyt Group
    Colruyt Group - Halle
    Job Description:  Grâce à un système de voice picking ou un scanner digital, vous savez exactement quels produits rassembler. En tant que magasinier, vous collectez les commandes…read more.
    Colruyt Group  4 maanden geleden

    Picking en Warehouse
    Stegmann - Deinze
    Job Description:  Een medewerker magazijn verpakt de artikelen klaar voor stockage, doet de order picking en de verzending van producten naar de klanten.read more.
    Stegmann  21 dagen geleden

    Atlas Copco Airpower N.V. - Antwerpen - new
    Job Description:  En je leert hoe je via voice picking orders kan picken met behulp van een headset. Zo zorgen onze “logistiek medewerkers magazijn” dat de juiste…read more.
    Atlas Copco Airpower N.V.  2 jaren geleden

    Pickers of apples and pears
    Fruit Wolfcarius Markegem LV en Wol - Dentergem
    Job Description:  Seasonal work with picking card Starts end of August 2022 - September - October Picking apples and pears. Healthy motivation to work outside. 6 days out of 7.read more.
    Fruit Wolfcarius Markegem LV en Wol  30+ dagen geleden

    Orderpicker Nachtploeg
    UpFresh - Oostende
    Job Description:  Het verwerken en picken van de orders via het voice-picking systeem. PROEF EENS VAN ONZE GOEIE WERKSFEER. Het helpen met inladen van de vrachtwagens.read more.
    UpFresh  5 maanden geleden

    Career Squad - Vlaams Gewest
    Job Description:  Voor één van onze partners zijn wij op zoek naar 'vliegende magazijniers', voornamelijk in regio GENT - BRUGGE - BRUSSEL. Loon: €2.300,00 - €2.350,00 per maand.read more.
    Career Squad  30+ dagen geleden

    Culinor - Destelbergen
    Job Description:  De manuele picking doet van diverse grondstoffen uit onze frigo’s en diepvries aan de hand van een fiche en scanner per productiebatch. Dit houdt in dat je:read more.
    Culinor  30+ dagen geleden

    Magazijnier Mechelen
    Retail Partners Colruyt Group - Mechelen
    Job Description:  Via een voice-picking systeem weet je welke producten je moet verzamelen. Retail Partners Colruyt Group levert goederen aan de winkels van Spar, Alvo en…read more.
    Retail Partners Colruyt Group  16 maanden geleden

    Inpakker / Inpakster (m/v)
    IGEPA - Aalter
    Job Description:  Inpakker/inpakster (m/v/x). Als inpak(st)(k)er bij Igepa ben je verantwoordelijke voor het zorgvuldig inpakken van papier & aanverwante producten volgens de…read more.
    IGEPA  30+ dagen geleden

    Customer Service Agent
    H.B. Fuller - Willebroek
    Job Description:  Time spent on phone: Five or more hours daily. Enters orders onto the computer system, pricing orders, produce order acknowledgements for customer and picking…read more.
    H.B. Fuller  18 dagen geleden

    Production worker DAIKIN
    Agilitas Group NV - Oostende
    Job Description:  You have a car to get here in time or you have a bicycle/moto or elektrical scooter. Contact us quickly or call us for more information...read more.
    Agilitas Group NV  19 dagen geleden

    Magasinier, préparateur de commandes en hauteur ( 12 m )
    Jerich Logistics Tournai - Doornik
    Job Description:  Préparer les commandes à l’aide de picking. En tant que préparateur de commandes en hauteur ( 12 m ), vous devez : Réceptionner et gérer les bons de commandes.read more.
    Jerich Logistics Tournai  23 dagen geleden

    Site Supervisor - Farm Technologies
    GEA Group - Kontich
    Job Description:  Contact us Apply for this job. GEA is een van de grootste leveranciers voor de voedingsmiddelen- en drankenindustrie en biedt een breed scala aan andere…read more.
    GEA Group  8 maanden geleden

    Field Service Engineer Farm Equipment
    GEA Group - Herentals
    Job Description:  Field Service Engineer Farm Equipment. Contact us Apply for this job. Toekomstlaan 51, bus2, 2200 Herentals. In de rol van Field Service Engineer Farm Equipment…read more.
    GEA Group  30+ dagen geleden

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