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Working in Austria

  • Austria offers several forms of work and working holiday visas, and visa applicants should contact the offices of The Austrian Foreign Ministry through a local Austrian Consulate General for more information. Austria operates working holiday schemes with few countries but operates as a Schengen Agreement country, which offers both European Union and non-union countries special exceptions concerning work and travel across international borders.

    Often, Austria issues a work visa only if an employer cannot fill the job with an Austrian employee or citizen. Many work visas to Austria call for applicants to earn a job interview prior to gaining entry to the country. Out of country workers typically need several forms of identification, such as government-issued IDs and passports, and must complete applications precisely to earn admittance to Austria. Workers meeting the requirements may not receive admittance to Austria for many reasons, such as criminal backgrounds. Under the Schengen Agreement, Austria allows citizens from other European Union countries and nations in close proximity to cross borders freely and maintain general employment in Austria.

    Though many services provided by the Austrian Consulate General remain free of charge, some visa and passport applicants do encounter fees. Services provided for fees range from the forwarding of documents to the production of passport IDs or Schengen visas. The Austrian Consulate General only accepts cash in exact change or money orders.

    Length of stay in the country generally determines which document Austrian job applicants must obtain. In instances where an applicant plans to spend less than six months working in Austria, the individual must obtain a visa or entry permit. Applicants wishing to spend more than six months working in Austria must obtain a residence permit. The Austrian Consulate General provides an online questionnaire to help applicants determine length of stay and necessary documents.

    Austria usually accepts working holiday applicants between the ages of 18 and 30. Applicants must prove financial stability to earn a working holiday visa to Austria. The government of Austria limits spaces for work visa programs each year. Application decisions may take months. The Austrian government reserves the right to deny foreign workers outside the Schengen Agreement for any reason. Austria asks foreign visa applicants to apply through local Austrian Consulate General offices to obtain work holiday visas.

    Austria awards a certificate of citizenship to applicants wishing to live and work in the country indefinitely. Newly appointed citizens must carry the certificate of citizenship at all times, as the document serves as the only state-accepted proof of allegiance. After completing the naturalization process, applicants hold and reserve all of the rights of Austrian citizens.

    Contact the local Austrian Consulate General office to find more information on working holiday visas to Austria. The Austrian Consulate General New York link is provided as an example.