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Batinich Orchard Cherry Picking

  • Job: Batinich Fruit, Wombat, Young, NSW – Cherry and Stone Fruits Orchard

    Cherry and stone fruits orchard.

    100 jobs mid Nov to Xmas- 5 week season, also Feb-Mar

    Pay by piece rates, varying $100 to $180 per day for good pickers.

    Working hours 6 to 8 hours a day.

    Village of Wombat (5km)or town of Young (10km) Wombat has a pub, general store and post office. Camping facilities (incl showers, kitchen & laundry) on site. Hotel accomodation and caravan parks in Young.

    Wendy Batinich
    tel 02 6384 3222 or 3266
    fax 6384 3341

    Wombat Road,
    Young 2594

    Location: Australasia

    Duration: Feb Mar Nov Dec

    Job Type: Fruit Picking